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Lesson Policies

Scheduling and Billing
Private lessons are arranged by semester or trial basis. The lesson fee is $35 for an ongoing 30-minute lesson. The lesson fee for a one-time, 30-minute trial lesson is $40.

Fall 2017 – 15 lessons, August 28-December 18, 2017, $525, due August 15 (or, Aug. 15 and Oct. 15 for two payments of $262.50 each)
Spring 2018 – 20 lessons, January 8-June 7, 2018, $700, due December 15 (or, Dec. 15 and Feb. 15 for two payments of $350 each)
Summer 2018 – 6 lessons, July 9-August 22, 2018, $210, due June 1

If you start lessons after the beginning of a semester, your lessons fees will be pro-rated. You may start at any time provided there is space available. When you sign-up for a semester you are agreeing to pay for all lessons in the semester and will be held financially liable for all lessons whether paid in one or more payments.

All lessons will take place at Leechford Music, 216 East Chatham Street, Suite 101, Cary, NC 27511.

All lesson fees are non-refundable. Accepted forms of payment for lessons are credit/debit cards or cash.

Hours for 2017-1018

Monday 3-7pm
Tuesday 3-6pm
Wednesday 3-6pm
Thursdays 3-6pm (Fall/Spring only)

Holidays for 2017-2018
(No lessons on these days. *These days are not included in tuition and they will not require make-up lessons.*)

Labor Day – September 4
Thanksgiving Week – November 20-23
Spring Break – April 2-5
Memorial Day – May 28

Make-up Lessons
Students are allowed a total of two make-up lessons each for both Fall and Spring semesters and one make-up lesson for summer semester. Make-up days will be scheduled on weekends or other available time slots Monday-Thursday. A make-up lesson will only be granted if prior notice of absence is given at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time or if I miss a lesson. No exceptions. Please contact me ASAP if you will be unable to attend your scheduled lesson. All make-up lessons must be made-up by the end of the current semester. Make-up lessons do not carry over from one semester to the next.

Inclement weather – I follow the Wake County Public School System cancellation decisions for inclement weather and make-up lessons will be granted. But, I will address each cancellation on a case by case basis. If it is possible for both the student and I to make it to the scheduled lesson, the lesson will proceed as planned. But, you will not be obligated to attend the lesson.

Student Responsibilities

  • Practice at least 150 minutes a week on materials presented at the lesson
  • Bring required books and supplies to every lesson
  • Keep your instrument, reeds, and mouthpiece clean
  • Maintain a practice journal and bring to every lesson

Required Supplies

  • Instrument, mouthpiece, ligature, neck strap, etc.
  • At least four reeds in good condition and a reed case
  • 3-ring binder w/pockets dedicated to the lesson materials.
  • Metronome/Tuner for use at home
  • Music stand for use at home